Version 2.x localisation:
French: Eric Schweichler
Japanese: Hideki Inoue & kaztah
Spanish (Latin American): Kevin López Brante

Custom character sets:
Circlex & Filament
by Ray Manta / DataDoor

Custom palettes:
DawnBringer 8, 16, 32 & ISO22
by Richard Fhager

C64 Pepto
by Philip "Pepto" Timmermann

Arne 4, 16, 64, CGArne, Eroge Copper, Famicube, Generic 8 Color, & ZXArne
by Arne Niklas Jansson

by Davit Masia

by Mate Cziner

ARQ4, ARQ16, EN4, EDG8, EDG16, EDG32, ENOS16, EDG36X, EDG64 & SOFT 16

Nurnie greebles
by Mrs Nurnie Greebles

Almost mono, Mr Bumpkins & Jolly Xanthic Quartet
by Stefan "Coja" Bogdanovic

AAP-16, AAP-64, Micro12, SimpleJPC-16 & Splendor128
by Adigun Azikiwe Polack

Arcade Standard 29, GB Chocolate, GB Grapefruit, Generic 15, Linear Color Palette Basic, Nature's Embrace 55, Oil 6 & Sweetie 16
by Grafxkid

Fleja Master Palette
by Fleja

Ice Cream GB, Island Joy 16, Mist GB, Nymph GB, Peachy Pop 16, Rustic GB & Wish GB
by Kerrie Lake

Fantasy 24
by Gabriel Cortabraz

Castpixel 16 (PV8)
by castpixel

FZT Ethereal 16 & Turd32
by Fusionnist

JB4 & Haretro8

Pear36, Bubblegum16, Taffy 16, Rosy 42 & Pineapple 32
by PineTreePizza

by Realjuice_dev

Vine's Flexible Linear Ramps

Zughy 32
by _Zughy

by thisislux

At the End, The Lost Kittings & Mad Doc
by Andylittle

Kells 12
by Polyducks

Crrackerjack 4
by crrackerjack

UFO 50

Fantastic 8 & Westmost 8
by Retrosaur

Everything else:
John Parker